dworek hołny

We cordially invite you to our newly opened restaurant "Dworek Hołny near Ogrodniki

- a unique place and restaurant located on Sejneńszczyźnie in Holny Mejer. We hope that our property located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Hołny will allow you to rediscover the flavors of many great dishes served by our chef. We hope that our proposed baked and smoked fish from local lakes and specially cooked (sous vide) Other dishes satisfy your palate and make you our regular guests.

For children and young people we have special offers in the form of mega-own burgers with baked rolls and beef derived from local breeders from Sejneńszczyzny. Our mini pizza with herbs and exceptional cheeses satisfy the appetite youngest guests.


In addition to the delicious cuisine you will be able to take advantage of the only Polish glazed object sauna, park by the pond, a magnificent sandy beach with water sports equipment rental, playground, sports fields for volleyball and football, a fish pond and other attractions that gradually we will try to you propose.

dworek hołny restauracja

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Restauracja & Apartamenty Dworek Hołny
Hołny Mejera 3
16-500 Sejny
tel. + 48 666 555 113