We are recognized by the Polish Register of Shipping manufacturer of rescue swimmers MATEO type. Produced by Group Ltd. AGENT-saving devices can be used in inland waterway vessels as well as marine waters (after consultation with the competent Maritime Authority).

Produced by us rescue equipment made of high quality glass-reinforced polyester so there is no need to use non-durable covers, foil and other packaging.

In contrast to other types of floats made of foam coated fabric, our products are resistant to all kinds of petroleum substances and UV rays and are characterized by very high strength and durability.

plywak ratunkowyThe floats do not require replacement cartridges after a few years of operation, and painting or maintenance !!!




 Basic data characterizing the rescue swimmer 10 persons. "MATEO 10":

- Length 128 cm
- Width 92 cm
- Height 21 cm
- Load capacity of 170 kg
- Maximum dumping height of 15 m
- Total weight 17 kg

The manufacturer declares that the above product was made in accordance with applicable regulations and quality standards. For the a/products provides a 10 year warranty rise to any manufacturing defects.